Putting in the man hours to study the science of what you need!

Odex Eliminator

This Stuff Cleans Everything!

Our chemistry background comes from the family car wash business. Dissatisfied with the performance of the 'regular' products, we taught ourselves formulation chemistry. Originally developed for use as a car wash presoak, over time we found it works better than just about everything else on just about anything!


Asphalt, Adhesive, Graffitti and Tar Remover

Tardex is a mixture of plant based solvents that is slow evaporating and non flammible. Softens dried and hardened soils such that they can be easily removed. Skin safe.

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Odex Odor Eliminator & Neutralizer for Home, Office, Car, RV, and Industrial Use – Pet, Vomit, Drain, Smoke, Skunk Odors

MOST POWERFUL ODOR DESTROYER, EVER: Odex is an industrial-grade odor eliminator that will rid any area of amine, sulfide, thio, and mercaptan-based odors. Made of a proprietary mixture foaming surfactants, d-limonene, chelating agents, odor absorbing compounds and quaternary disinfectants, Odor-X is the best performing product on the market.

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Packaging Available from 1 Gallon to Bulk Truckload

I keep forgetting to mention. I hooked up tour tire cleaner to a dema mixing valve. It excellent at 13 to 1. I use it on tires and tree sap and hard areas. Works terrific. I would like to hook it up to presoak but I am running low. Next time you are in the area, I will place an order. Thanks

Talal T- Allclean

This is the best product for removing hard to get out odors with little effort. I have used it in many applications and it works great. Pet and children urine, car detailing and odor removal.

Charlene M - Odex

We bought it to remove road tar from our semi's but found it worked great for paint overspray, parts washer solvent and hand cleaner.

Ryan J - Tardex